Workshops are enrichment activities offered by SEAMEO SEN to all SEAMEO member countries for their teachers/teacher educators. The workshops, entirely conducted in SEAMEO SEN are broadly divided into two categories:

  • Training workshops which are targeted at local (Malaysian) educators
  • Regional workshops which are targeted at educators from the SEAMEO region

The training workshops are conducted for Primary or Secondary Special Education ranging from half a day to a maximum of five days duration. The contents are leading edge developments in the teaching and learning techniques, approaches and strategies relevant to special education.

Flyers will be sent to targeted institutions inviting them to sponsor participants to the workshops. Individual participants are also welcome as walk-in and fee-paying participants. A complete listing of workshops conducted by the centre is posted in SEAMEO SEN’s website at (website construction is in progress).

The regional workshops for SEAMEO participants are usually collaborative project with sister centers and the SEAMEO Secretariat. These workshops are subject to availability of funds from external sources.