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The target group for the internship programme is the managers of educational institutions and programmes. It is believed that a significant impact on the enhancement of teaching and learning could evolve from an upgrading in the competencies and perspectives of the managers of the educational institutions and programmes.

These interns will be placed in either Training and Consultation Division, Research and Innovation Division or Administration Division according to their area of specialization.

Some of the expected outcomes of this internship programmes are:

  • A reflective report on firsthand experience in the actual planning, organising, implementing and evaluating a SEAMEO SEN style training involving international participants.
  • A written critical review of the host organization in terms of:
    1. Leadership
    2. Human resource
    3. Training activities
    4. Research and development
    5. Support group / activities
  • Designing an action plan on the improvement of the intern’s institution or their conduct of training.