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The in-country courses are courses offered by SEAMEO SEN to all SEAMEO member countries for their teachers/teacher educator to be trained in their own countries. The courses will be conducted upon request by the Ministry of Education (MOE) of the member country for either Primary or Secondary  Special Education teachers/teacher educators for up to five days (30 hours) duration.

The in-country courses will be conducted on a first-come-first-served basis. The topic of the courses can be chosen from the list provided by SEAMEO SEN or can be proposed by the requesting country based on their needs.

Special in-country courses are offered for Malaysian teachers each year in the form of workshops in SEAMEO SEN or for a specially convened course outside of SEAMEO SEN requested by a region to train their teachers/teacher educators in special education at their premises.

The general guidelines for conducting in-country courses are as follows:

  • The centre will offer in-country courses each year to all SEAMEO member countries for Special Education.
  • The requested courses must be conducted in the country requesting the course.
  • English will be used as the medium of instruction in all the courses. Participants must therefore have a working knowledge of English to fully benefit from the course. If this is not possible, the MOE concerned will need to provide the services of an interpreter.
  • Six in-country courses will be offered to six SEAMEO member countries each year, with a maximum of one in-country training per member country per fiscal year.
  • If there are more than six member countries requesting for a particular year, preference will be given to member countries that have not benefited from the training during the previous year. In other cases, acceptance will be based on first-come-first served basis.
  • For each in-country course, SEAMEO SEN will endeavor to send two facilitators.
  • SEAMEO SEN will fund facilitators’ airfare and per diem but the respective MOE will provide for the other requirements. The MOE concerned will not be charged of any tuition fees.
  • The country requesting for the in-country course should :
    1. Initiate negotiation with SEAMEO SEN at least 3 (three) months before the programme starts to allow time for consultants to prepare.
    2. Provide the necessary information regarding:
      1. The number of participants (not more than 40)
      2. Participants’ particulars
      3. Provision of training, venue, equipment, facilities and supplies
      4. Administrative services
      5. Provide the facilitators with;
      6. Transportation to and from the airport
      7. Logistics support as required throughout the duration of the training

Titles of the courses available for in-country training will be announced before the beginning of each fiscal year. The titles will generally be based on the regular courses conducted for the fiscal year concerned.