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The objective of the Customized Course is to respond to the special needs of Member Countries and other agencies which have not participated in the regular programme of training courses. These special tailor-made programmes of varying durations may be conducted in-country or at SEAMEO SEN.

The general guidelines for conducting customised courses are as follows:

  • The Centre may develop other training courses in Special Education as desired by any country/institution.
  • The requested courses may be conducted at SEAMEO SEN or in the country requesting the programme.
  • English will be used as the medium of instruction in all the courses. Participants must therefore have a working knowledge of English to fully benefit from the courses.
  • For each customized course, SEAMEO SEN will endeavor to secure the services of prominent consultants in the areas concerned to further enhance the quality of course inputs.
  • The country requesting for the customised course (s) should:
    1. initiate negotiations with SEAMEO SEN, at least three (3) months before the programme starts to allow time for consultation and preparation; and
    2. provide the necessary information regarding the;
      1. the number of participants
      2. participants’ particulars and academic qualifications ( as and when necessary)
      3. provision of training, venue, equipment, facilities and supplies
      4. administrative services

If clients have other options in the related areas, they are invited to approach the Centre with details of their requests.