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I am pleased to share with you our 3rd issue of SEAMEO SEN Bulletin (July – December 2014). Here you will find all the training programmes and seminars that the centre has organized and programmes and events that we have participated for the past six months. The journey has been more challenging as the centre is now known by many. The accomplishment is indeed through the hard teamwork of every single personnel of SEAMEO SEN.

The centre has also initiated new partnerships with local and international organizations to further penetrate and gain resources & expertise in the field of Special Education. In August 2014, we have conducted our 1st Five-year Plan Development Workshop where experts and education officers were invited to sit down and discuss future training and research to be carried out by the centre. We were also approached and invited by UNESCO to be part of their committee to help address the concerning issues in relation to Children with Disabilities (CWD) covering Southeast Asia.

Currently, we are working with the Special Education Bureau, Ministry of Education, Thailand to host the 1st International Conference on Special Education (ICSE 2015) to be held in Bangkok, Thailand from 28th – 31st July 2015. This will be a platform to put forth the centre’s role and position in the region. I would like to take this opportunity to invite everyone to together take part in the event.

The centre will soon approach its second year of operation. As a centre which aims to promote excellence, we look forward to hearing your feedbacks and ideas. Should you require further information, please feel free to drop an email to director@seameosen.org

I would like to end this note with Alhamdulillah, praise to Allah.

Thank you.

Datin Dr. Yasmin binti Hussain