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Special Bulletin – The 1st International Conference on Special Education 2015

The 1st International Conference on Special Education 2015 (ICSE 2015) was held from 28th to 31st July 2015. The conference provides a unique opportunity for government, academic institutions and non-profit organizations in the area of Special Education to discuss and exchange ideas with each other. Participants include special educators, teachers, researchers, post graduate students, policy […]

4th Issue (January -June 2015) – Voice Of SEAMEO SEN

Assalamualaikum and Salam 1Malaysia Dear Readers… I am pleased to announce the publication of the 4th issue of Voice of SEAMEO SEN, our semi-annual bulletin covering activities from January to July 2015. The centre has marks its two year period of operations and as it has now known by many organizations, expectations are now higher. SEAMEO SEN has […]

3rd Issue (July-December 2014) – Voice Of SEAMEO SEN

I am pleased to share with you our 3rd issue of SEAMEO SEN Bulletin (July – December 2014). Here you will find all the training programmes and seminars that the centre has organized and programmes and events that we have participated for the past six months. The journey has been more challenging as the centre is now known by many. The accomplishment is indeed through the hard teamwork of every single personnel of SEAMEO SEN.

1st Issue (September-December 2013) – Inaugural Edition : Voice Of SEAMEO SEN

First of all, I would like to congratulate SEAMEO SEN’s officers on the success of coming out with our very first Voice of SEAMEO SEN. We have gone through many hurdles but this is just a new beginning for us and the centre, and I call for all SEAMEO SEN’s staff to work together and embrace our Minister’s vision for Malaysia to be the regional reference centre for Special Education Needs (SEN).

I’m very pleased to share with our readers the information on SEN and not to forget the journeys and experiences that we faced from day one to what we are now.